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Contract Negotiations

Ascend Sports Group understands the importance of our clients’ Collect Bargaining Agreement Contract (CBA) and has negotiated numerous deals for players in the MLB, MiLB, and international leagues.

As an MLBPA Certified Agent, our knowledge of the MLB and MLBPA Basic Agreement is an invaluable asset that is a vital in the negotiation process when assessing the collectively bargained rights of our clients. For contract negotiations, ASG creates a player specific statistical/informational portfolio using comparative measures amongst similar position players to generate a conclusive financial figure that reflects his current market value.

Draft Preparation and Negotiation

Ascend Sports Group provides draft consultation services for high school and college student athletes eligible for the MLB First-Year Player Draft. Below are the specific draft consultation services we provide.

Information regarding a player’s draft eligibility:

  • The MLB selection process and order of selection

  • Players’ Negotiation Rights

  • Signing deadline for a player who has not utilized all of his potential college baseball eligibility

  • Other Information regarding the MLB First-Year Player (“Rule 4”) Draft 

Marketing and Endorsements

ASG recognizes the opportunity that professional athletes’ have to monetarily capitalize on their performances during their playing careers. ASG is dedicated towards enhancing the personal brand of our players’ as well as negotiating endorsement opportunities.

Post Career Planning

Realistically, very few athletes actually get the choice of when their athletic career comes to an end. Even if an athlete has a long successful career in professional sports, they still have to support themselves after it is all set and done. ELITE will assist you in preparing for life after football. We truly believe the best time to prepare is while you are in the spotlight as a player.


All my life I've had my parents support in becoming a professional baseball player.  There was never a Plan B for me, and they never doubted me.  When the time came and I knew I was making a childhood dream become a reality, I knew I needed someone who would support me and never waiver, just like my parents always had done and that's what Tony does.  He's an extension of my family and helps guide and support me as if he is one.

Connor Norby - Baltimore Orioles

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